Histologics LLC is proud to introduce two new multi-patented brush-curettes that provide a compassionate yet effective alternative to the field of mechanical wound debridement and tissue sampling. Our award winning proprietary Kylon® medical fabric can now be used in nearly all wound care settings for advance wound debridement. The dually FDA registered Soft K-Bride® and Soft K-Rette® are ideal for debriding superficial or necrotic, fibrotic externally apparent wounds or tunneling wounds, respectively. They are curettes and offer the second option as tissue trap containment devices for removing, storing and transporting tissue samples to a laboratory for a variety of important analyses.


The founders, management, health care advisors, and staff at Histologics welcome you to the next generation in VERSATILE wound debridement with an added edge; the ability to sample wounds for laboratory analysis. Efficient yet gentle, most wounds will clean thoroughly in minutes, with a precise painting motion for superficial debridement, or a pressurized rotational motion for areas that require deep debridement or biopsy.

For more information regarding Histologics Advanced Wound Care product line, and pipeline of products, please contact us for more information.

Kylon® Advanced Wound Care Brush-Curettes: Tissue sampling for analysis is easily collected in the Kylon® hook tapered tip head and snapped off to preserve tissue for lab analysis. Lab analysis can be for anatomic pathology, tissue culture, or molecular testing.


A Compassionate Advancement in Wound Care

Versatile Brush-Curette Devices for Wound Debridement