About Us

Histologics LLC's primary objective is to advance the field of tissue sampling and wound debridement gently and compassionately. Versatile application of Histologics' proprietary medical hooked fabric (Kylon®) devices will advance wound care where superficial or deep debridement is indicated, or where lab analysis of samples is needed.

Histologics LLC was established in 2008 out of a dedication to women undergoing evaluation for abnormal cervical cancer screening and a need for better histologic sampling. The founders, including Ob/Gyn inventor Dr. Neal Lonky, developed Speculoscopy (PapSure ®) and Spirabrush CX® in the 1980's and early 1990's (respectively). Years of dedication to improving healthcare led the company to innovate a different approach to obtain tissue samples.

Histologics developed a medical fabric called KYLON®, comprised of fenestrated loops that create unique shaped hooks woven into nylon fabric. When applied to tissue with pressure, the hooks flex downward exposing the hook tip to the tissue face when rotated or agitated on the epithelial surface. Histological samples are both removed and stored inside the fabric. Thus, the fabric is a system comprising a tissue collection function resulting in a trans-epithelial biopsy sample, and a container that traps the dislodged tissue, which is stored on the device tip that is snapped free from the handle to be transported to the lab. There is no need for the clinician to handle the specimen, clean biopsy devices, reducing the risk of contamination during the procedure and assuring the lab technicians receive the entire dislodged sample for the Pathologist's analysis after processing.

Soft K-Bride® and Soft-K-Rette® are distributed to physicians and licensed clinicians by Histologics and Labs providing anatomical pathology services across the United States who continue to validate the quality, safety, and efficacy of the devices. More clinical trials are forthcoming. Licensed clinicians who perform wound care  interested in evaluating the product can obtain a sample upon request. Histologics will continue to develop and innovate new products and tissue based technologies to improve the level of care, improve the patient care experience, and help save lives worldwide.