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The Soft K-Rette® curette is designed to be both minimally invasive and clinically effective for wound debridement and tissue sampling. The Soft K-Rette® was developed with the patient and practitioner experience in mind. This device features a unique proprietary “brush” that is made of KYLON®, a patented medical fabric that dislodges and collects wound debris efficiently and effectively.

KYLON® is a fabric with proprietary “hooks” that gently debride with a controllable friction that is guided by the practitioner. Light stroking pressure is used for light debridement, and rotational moderate pressure for deep debridement. The hooks can also retain a tissue sample for lab analysis. A versatile brush for surface and tunneling wound debridement, Soft K-Rette® is a compassionate advancement in wound care.
The Soft K-Rette® is designed with a tapered brush tip to follow the contours of wound tunnels to reach the debris on the tunnel tissue surface. Using brushing or sweeping motions, the Soft K-Rette® moves along the wound bed to remove necrotic tissue, slough, foreign debris, and residual material from dressings. The device is effective to debride tunneling wounds. 

Applying pressure with “key-turning like” rotational motions, the Soft K-Rette® is designed to gently penetrate more fibrotic or stiff tissue surfaces resulting in the dislodging and removal of necrotic tissue, slough, foreign debris, residual material from dressings, along with the potential to biopsy the superficial viable tissue surface. 

Tissue sampling for analysis is easily collected in the Kylon® hook tapered tip head and snapped off to preserve tissue for lab analysis. Lab analysis can be for anatomic pathology, tissue culture, or molecular testing.
  • Devices can be “matched” for type of wound configuration.
  • Ergonomic and minimally invasive design facilitates user tactile control for targeting and guiding the brushing, sweeping and rotational movements.
  • Kylon® medical fabric hooks gently, yet substantially excavates the wound surface dislodging debris and necrosis, which can be easily wiped off the surface with gauze.
  • Designed for compassionate patient experience and compliance.
  • Promotes the efficiency of a debriding procedure.
  • Abundant tissue samples can be collected, stored and transported for laboratory analysis.



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